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Consistency & Curiosity in practice

One of the first excuses we tend to make when we don’t keep up with our practice is that we don’t have the time. We are all busy, however, it’s always possible to find time for the things that matter most to us.

When I started yoga my practice was very unsteady and inconsistent. Every time I would get on my mat I felt a sense of pain and unease. I remember reading an article about the Ashtanga practice and how the daily practice would help in maintaining balance and so I thought I'd give it a go.

The first 2 weeks were very challenging. My body felt sore and my emotions were hyped. I continued with the daily practice, modifying when needed and over the span of a few weeks I felt a shift. I somehow had made peace with the pains and unease in my body; I made friends with my uninvited emotions and most importantly my mind and my breath were steady. And so, my relationship with yoga began.

The yoga practice is a tool that is available to everyone. The physical transformation is almost instant, but most importantly when we decide to dedicate a certain amount of time everyday towards our practice we are consciously giving ourselves the opportunity to be curious, to discover what is beyond our limitations, peeling off different layers of skin we have sealed ourselves in. When we are curious, we see things differently; we focus our powers of observation. While being passionate about something, naturally our curiosity arises to learn more, to invest more energy in exploring and understanding, and so the more fascinating it becomes.

If we are going to find a meaningful purpose or calling in life, we will most probably find it in something that unleashes our natural curiosity and fascination. Yoga is a lifelong practice that can indeed carry us through our life - if we have the patience to let it.

Love xx


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