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How we impact other people

This photo was taken in the beautiful town of Bernkastl-Kues on my 32nd birthday.

How do our actions affect other people? Sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t. Life is full of opportunities to leave an impact on others, positively or negatively.

Our actions or the lack of action are always choices we make, but the aftereffect of these choices often times live on in the memory of those people we have come in contact with. I recently came across this paragraph, thought it was interesting:

“The culture seen today encourages people to only think of themselves when it comes to decisions and not to worry about how it might involve someone else. It is applauded when people say they are living life for themselves. Sometimes this is appropriate, but not always. The “I’m just doing me” attitude does not work consistently because the truth is that other people are involved. Lives are interlaced in millions of different ways, and there is no way to escape the influence one has on others. Even attempting to escape it has influence.”

Indeed our decisions can be made with the best interest of self in mind, while also acknowledging that it will play a part in the lives of others, too. Choices matter, people matter, and the way we influence others can truly be significant. Those with positive influence fully understand the power of relationships, connection and engagement with the world. Positive, supportive and authentic relationships just make life sweeter.

Love xx


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