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SRI LANKA RETREAT - JANUARY 23rd - 30th, 2020

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I am excited to announce my upcoming workshop in Sri Lanka in January 2020.

The location is about 2h drive south of Colombo. We will be staying in a villa close to the calm of Hikkaduwa lagoon, a 5 minute stroll’s distance from the ocean, and with its own private pool. I am told it's a very spiritual place, with Buddhist temples surrounding the area, with humbling Buddhist prayer calls to be heard every morning and evening - a truly calming space.

Capacity is up to 15 people, with two types of rooms. Options are shared room for 2 people or a shared room for 4 people.

The price for the retreat is 3,900dhs per person. This includes all yoga sessions, workshops, meditation and talks, 1 Ayurvedic massage, 2 vegan meals a day and all-day access to fresh fruit and drinks with a chef on site to prepare all the yummy goodies! 
Students also get a 10% discount on everything from the on-site vegan cafe. 


A deposit of 1,500dhs is required to reserve your spot.

The price does not include flight fare, but having a look at the flight options with EK there seem to be multiple flights a day with prices around 1,200dhs. Please check Emirates for exact rates and timing.

Optional (extra charge): 
Surfing sessions 
Cooking classes 
Monk meditation 
Visit the tea & cinnamon plantation


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